Getting Involved

How to get involved:
Are you interested in helping your local community?
Milpara is a program for local community members and is aimed at all groups and activities being facilitated by local community members.
For people interested in becoming a volunteer please note that:

• All people willing to volunteer are welcome;
• Milpara is a an initiative by progressive members of the Uniting Church;
• Milpara is sponsored by Fresh Steps in Faith Pty Ltd a registered not for profit organisation;
• A current Blue Card is desirable;

If you are interested in becoming a Milpara Volunteer please complete our Contact form for more information.

Child Safe Policy
Milpara adheres to the current Child Safe Church Policy of the Uniting Church.

Our general five point criteria for Milpara Volunteers

• Recruitment and selection;
• Recognition and appointment;
• Training and development;
• Support and supervision;
• Maintenance and retention of records.

Request a volunteer application form: email Paul Inglis

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