About Milpara

Milpara faces the reality of changing social and cultural values and the need for the Church to be relevant and practical to have real meaning to modern communities. Initiated by members of the Uniting Church of Queensland, it is intended to both support and empower churches to open their doors to the local communities as well as work with the community to help create stronger, friendlier and more collaborative environments through events and networks.

Milpara aims to place the church at the heart of our communities by:
•Expanding the role of the church property as the accepted primary meeting point for the local community
•Encouraging churches to accept ownership by the local community, bringing members of that community together, and working with them to remedy the effects of loneliness and isolation
•Working with churches to help them achieve the goal of getting out and working with the local community

The project has produced the Milpara Concept Paper. This paper outlines the Project’s background values, scope and and conceptual foundations. It is available for download here.

While this project is in its formative stage, we are inviting others to join us in developing the initiative. You can register interest or offer advice by following the links on this site.

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